Our dentist, Dr. Brad White, and the team at Knoxville Dental Care want to make sure that you enjoy a healthy smile for life. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and your oral health and overall wellbeing are very closely connected. We are dedicated to using the best practices when it comes to dental sterilization in Knoxville, Tennessee, to keep you and your smile safe and healthy. All of our equipment is sterilized after each use, and our office and operatories are meticulously cleaned in between patients. We make sure that all of our instruments have been properly cleaned, which includes soaking and sterilizing them at extremely high temperatures in an autoclave and thoroughly drying them afterward. We take extra care to wash our hands before and after we see each patient, and we also make use of protective gear, including masks, gloves and eye protection, to keep you and our team safe from infection.

At our office, you will always come first and that starts with your health and safety. To learn more about how our team can take care of you and your smile, or to schedule your appointment, call our office at 865-573-4593 today.